King Lear

a love that makes
breath poor and speech unable.

Beyond all manner
of so much I love you.

Of all these bounds,
even from this line to this,
we make thee lady:
To thine and Albany's issues
be this perpetual.

What says our
second daughter,

our dearest Regan,
wife of Cornwall?
I am made of that self metal
as my sister,

and prize me at her worth.
In my true heart
I find she names
my very deed of love;

only she comes too short,
that I profess
myself an enemy
to all other joys

which the most precious
square of sense possesses,

and find I am alone
felicitate in your dear
Highness' love.

To thee and thine hereditary ever
remain this ample third
of our fair kingdom;

no less in space,
validity and pleasure,
than that conferred
on Goneril.

Now, our joy,
although our last and least;
to whose young love
the vines of France
and milk of Burgundy