King Lear

I do profess to be
no less than I seem.

To serve him truly
that will put me in trust.

To love him
that is honest.

To converse with him
that is wise and says little.

To fear judgement.
To fight
when I cannot choose.

And to eat no fish.
'Tis politic and safe
to let him keep at point
a hundred knights;

yes, that on
every dream,
each buzz,

each fancy,
each complaint,

he may enguard
his dotage
with their pow'rs,

and hold our lives
in mercy.

You might
fear too far.

Safer than
trust too far.

No, no, my lord.
This milky gentleness
of yours shows
want of wisdom.

Striving to better,
oft we mar what's well.

Nay, then.
Well, well.
The event.
Did my father strike
my gentleman
for chiding of his fool?

Ay, madam.
By day and night
he wrongs me;