King Lear

every hour he flashes
into one gross crime or other
that sets us all at odds.

I'll not endure it.
His knights grow riotous,
and himself upbraids us
on every trifle.

When he returns
from hunting,

I will not speak
with him;
say I am sick.

If you come short
of former services,

you shall do well;
the fault of it
I'll answer.

Put on what weary
negligence you please,
you and your fellows.

I'd have it come to question.
If he distaste it,
let him to my sister.

Idle old man,
that still would manage
those authorities
that he hath given away.

Old fools are babes again.
Let me not
stay a jot for dinner;

go get it ready.
What art thou?
A very honest-hearted
fellow, sir, and as poor
as the King.

If thou be'st as poor
for a subject
as he is for a king,

thou art poor enough.
What would'st thou?
Who would'st thou serve?

Dost thou
know me, fellow?

No, sir;
but you have that in your
countenance which I would
fain call master.

What's that?