King Lear

which of late transport you
from what you rightly are.

May not an ass know
when the cart draws the horse?
Whoop, Jug! I love thee.

Does any here know me?
This is not Lear.
Does Lear walk thus,
speak thus?
Where are his eyes?
Ha, waking?
'Tis not so.
Who is it who can
tell me who I am?

Lear's shadow.
I would learn that.
Your name,
fair gentlewoman?
This admiration,
sir, is much of the savour
of other your new pranks.

I do beseech you,
my purposes a'right,

as you are old
and reverend
should be wise.

Here do you
keep a hundred
knights and squires;

as men so disordered,
so debauched and bold,

that this, our court,
infected with their manners,
shows like a riotous inn.

Epicurism and lust
makes it more like
a tavern or a brothel

than a grac'd palace.
The shame itself
doth call for
instant remedy.

Be then advis'd by her
that else will take
the thing she begs,

a little to disquantity
your train;

and the remainders
that shall still depend

to be such men
as may besort
your age,

who know

and you.
Darkness and devils!
Saddle my horses!
Call my train

Degenerate bastard!
Yet have I left a daughter.