King Lear

as of unnaturalness
between the child
and the parent;

death, dearth,
divisions, menaces.

When we are sick
in fortune,

we make guilty
of our disasters

the sun, the moon,
the stars,

as if we were drunkards,
liars, and adulterers

by planetary influence.
Why brand they me
with baseness?

Bastardy? Base?
My father coupled
with my mother
under the Dragon's tail,

and I was born
under Ursa Major,

so that it follows
that I am rough and lecherous.

I should have been
that I am,

had the maidenliest star
in the firmament

twinkled on
my bastardizing.

When sons are
at perfect age,

and fathers
in decline,

the father should be put
in the care of the son.

And the son manage
the revenue.

It's the policy
of reverence for age

that makes the worid bitter.
The Duke of Cornwall
and Regan his Duchess
will be here this night.

How comes that?
I know not.

The better best!
This weaves itself perforce
into my business.

Briefness and
fortune work!