King Lear

I'll flay you!
A plague upon
your epileptic visage!

Peace, shall I know you
no reverence?

Yes, sir; but anger
hath a privilege.

Why art thou angry?
My lord, if you
will give me leave,

I will tread this unbolted
villain into mortar,

and daub the wall
of a jakes with him.

What is
his fault?

His countenance
likes me not.

No more, perchance,
does mine, nor his,
nor hers.

I have seen better faces
in my time.

This is some fellow
who, having been
prais'd for bluntness,

doth affect
a saucy roughness.

He cannot flatter, he,
an honest mind and plain.
He must speak truth.

I know, sir,
I am no flatterer.

I serve the King.
Fetch forth the stocks.
As I have life and honour,
there shall he sit till noon.

Till noon!
Till night,
my lord;

and all night too.
Madam, if I were
your father's dog,
you should not use me so.

Sir, being his knave, I will.
Let me beseech
your Grace
not to do so.