King Lear

Tell the hot Duke that...
No, but not yet.

May be he is not well.
Death on my state!
Wherefore should
he sit here?

Give me my servant forth.
Tell the Duke and his wife
I'd speak with them.

Now, presently.
Bid them come forth
and hear me,

or at their chamber door
I'll beat the drum

till it cry sleep to death.
I would have all well
between you.

O me, my heart,
my rising heart!
But, down.
Good morrow to you both.
Hail to your Grace.
I am glad to see
your Highness.

I think you are;
I have good reason
to think so.

Are you free?
Some other time for that.
Beloved Regan,
thy sister is naught.
O Regan, she hath tied
sharp-tooth'd unkindness,
like a vulture, here.

I can scarce
speak to thee;

thou'lt not believe
with how depraved
a quality she...

O Regan!
I cannot think
my sister in the least
would fail her obligation.