King Lear

if you do love old men,
if your sweet sway
allow obedience,

if you yourselves are old,
make it your cause:
Send down and take my part.
Art not asham'd to look
upon this beard?

O Regan, will you take her
by the hand?

And why not by the hand, sir?
How have I offended?

All's not offence
that indiscretion finds,
and dotage terms so.

O sides,
you are too tough!
Will you yet hold?

How came my man
i' th' stocks?

I set him there, sir.
You, did you?

I pray you, Father,
being weak, seem so.
If till the expiration
of your month,

you will return and sojourn
with my sister,

dismissing half your train,
come then to me.

I am now from home
and out of that provision

which shall be needful
for your entertainment.

Return to her,
and fifty men dismiss'd?

No, rather I abjure all roofs,
and choose to wage
against the enmity
o' th' air,

to be a comrade
with the wolf and owl.

Necessity's sharp pinch!
At your choice, sir.
I prithee, daughter,
do not make me mad.

I will not trouble thee,
my child.

We'll no more meet,
no more see
one another.

But yet thou
art my flesh,

my blood,
my daughter;

or rather a disease
that's in my flesh