La Noche del terror ciego

I called Lisbon, she didn't get back.
You think she's lost?
Would you like breakfast?
The bill, please.
Is there a village near here?
There is nothing between
here and Lisbon.

But we saw something
from the train.

You mean Berzano. It's been
deserted for over 100 years.

Maybe our friend stayed the night?
I'm sorry, sir. How clumsy.
What about Berzano?
- I don't know, but they say...
- What?

The hotel doesn't want us
to talk about it.

They're old wives tales that
scare tourists away.

Go on.
Please... I don't want to lose my job.
Excuse me.
Anything wrong sir?
Do you have a complaint?

No, everything's fine.
Where can I rent a horse?
We have a riding range.
I don't want a range.
I want to ride out.

You'll find the area very beautiful.
I'd like a horse too.
I'd rather go alone.
- I should go too.
- Who knows what we'll find.

I also want to know.
You're going to Berzano?
Yes, and to hell with
your superstitions!

It's the girl! She needs help!
Let's get out of here.
The police will deal with it.