Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit

I was rather temperamental
when I was young.

I made it quite difficult
for my mother...

she always had to check me.
My father died at the age of 33.
I was hardly six.
And when I wasn't watched...
I could do what I liked.
That's how, when I was nine...
I fell down the stairs...
from the third
to the second floor.

I fell on my back,
and my neck...

with such force
that a neighbour...

thought he had heard shooting.
He asked me if I was hurt.
I told him I wasn't,
and I asked him...

not to tell my mother.
I climbed the stairs
on all fours...

because I couldn't walk.
It really was a terrible blow.
I sat down and prayed:
Please, make that my mother
won't punish me.

From that day,
I always felt pain...