Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit

For 4 years,
Fini Straubinger...

visits the deaf-blind
of Bavaria...

on behalf of
the League for the Blind.

Accompanied by
Mrs Mittermeier...

who translates everything
into her hand...

she keeps in touch
with the deaf-blind...

and takes care of
their problems.

My coupon, thank you.
If I were a painter...
I'd represent
our condition like this:

Blindness like a black river...
flowing slowly like a melody...
towards great falls.
On its banks,
trees and flowers...

and birds singing sweetly.
The other river,
coming from the other side...

is as clear as
the purest crystal.

This one also flows slowly...
but without any sound.
Deep down there is a lake...
very dark and deep...
where the two rivers meet.
Where they join,
there are rocks...