Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit

making the waters foam...
afterwards to let them flow...
silently and slowly...
into that sombre reservoir...
which lies in a deadly calm...
only troubled by
an occasional ripple...

representing the struggle
of the deaf-blind.

I don't know
if you can understand this.

The rocks who tear the waters...
stand for the depression...
the blind and the deaf feel...
when they become deaf-blind.
I can't explain it any better...
but that's how I feel it.
For more than 2 years,
Else Fährer...

lives in a neurological clinic.
She is 48.
Her mother, the only person...
who understood her, is dead.
Hello, my sister in destiny.
It's our sign.
She spent two years
in a school for the blind...