It's beautiful.
(woman) That's him.
Mr Dusaine.
You have the deed maps for this territory.
I'd like to see them.

- And who, pray tell, told you...
- The minister.

I need written permission before I could
allow you to examine such documents.

Sir, I shall call the marshal.
You do that.
Thank you, Mr Dusaine.
Don't try to soften me up, Cotton.
Doesn't your lawman wanna talk?
- Take it easy, Harv.
- Yes or no?

Why do you wanna push things
until they break? Let Bronson handle it.

You gonna mealy-mouth around
or you gonna tell me?

He won't trade.
You can have your say in Bannock.

Did you crawl, Ryan?
I wasn't asked to.
I told Vince you weren't the man
to carry this. Where is Maddox?

Climb down, Harvey.
You can't ride this man.

Run to hell, Ryan.