Le Mans

Thank you.
What will you tell
Peter and Erica

when they get old enough
to ask what their father
does for a living?

I'll tell them
that their father

is the greatest
chauffeur in the world.

If you had a choice,
would you like to tell them
something else?

For example,
"Well, this week, daddy's
flying to Switzerland."

Yes. The new motor factory
is almost completed

and I have to interview
various applicants for...
What are you trying
to tell me?

Would you like that better?
Only if you'd like it better.
If they ask me what their mother
does for a living,

I'll say "she lies."
"She can look straight
into your eyes

"and tell the biggest lies
you've ever heard
in your life."

It's the right time to stop.
I can finish quite well
in this race.

Perhaps even...
Well, in any case,
it's the right time to stop.

As was forecast,
we have our first touch of rain.

It's going to be
very interesting

to see what tactics
the team manages in the rain.

If it's only a shower,
they won't change
from dry to rain tires.