Le Mans

Your attention to the pit area.
The longtail Porsche,
number 25, is coming in,

after having been
out on the circuit

for only 14 minutes,
since its last stop

for fuel and driver change.
The team of Kurt Ahrens
and Vic Elford

has built up
a formidable early lead

on the factory Ferraris
and the Gulf-Porsche team.
However, it appears now
that something definitely
out of the ordinary

has befallen the Austrian entry.
You will recall that
this is the car which,

for the first time
in the history of Le Mans,

averaged a speed in excess
of 150 miles per hour.

Mr. Delaney.
You know the white longtail
is out of the race

with a blown engine.
Yeah, well, that's bad luck.
Do you think
it will be

Ferrari-Porsche race?

A little early to say,
but I think so.

What kind of race
will you drive?

Try to save the machine,
go as fast as I can, try to win.

Do you think it will be
like Nurburgring--

a race between
you and Stahler?

I hope not, ma'am.
And what do you
think of Stahler?

I think he's probably

one of the best drivers
in the world.

Excuse me.
What do you think
is the most difficult thing

about Le Mans?
To go as fast as possible,
and keep the car on the road
for 24 hours.

That's difficult.
Would this be
the same kind of race

you had with Delaney
at the Nurburgring?

Well, this is Le Mans.
It's a different thing,
you know?

Do you think
that you and Delaney

will end up having
a close race here?

Maybe. He's fast, I'm fast,
so we're always together.

Good luck.