Le Mans

All cars have come into the pits
to change to rain tires,
with the notable exception

of the three
Gulf-Porsche entries

and the four Ferrari team cars.
It is apparent that neither
Porsche manager David Townsend

or Ferrari manager
Loretto Fuselli

wants to call his cars in
for an unscheduled pit stop

during this closely
contested race.

Looks kind of hairy
out there.

At practice
it didn't rain,

so this is really
your first time

out in the weather
at Le Mans.

Ja, it is.
Why doesn't Townsend
bring them in for rain tires?

Why don't you ask him?
It's raining worse
at Mulsanne.

They're due in,
in 1 1 --

In 1 1 minutes. I know.