McCabe & Mrs. Miller

-You know where Berg is, Smalley?
-He's in there.

-Has he had a bath?
-Madam, I'm not here as a customer.

-Looking for me, Mr. McCabe?
-You trying to put me out of business?

These order forms.
That's all right because that....

-How much is that Chinese girl?
-$1 .50.

-Does that go for Mrs. Miller, too?
-She's $5.

Make sure you get what you ordered.
-Is that right, Mrs. Miller?
-What's that?

-That's right.

-Jesus Christ, that's a lot of money.
-Shit. All right! Let's go.

It's in your own best interest
that you have these forms...

and to make sure they're signed.
Hello, Mr. Quigley.
Not scared of me, are you?

Once you've got everything you ordered,
you can tell it's true. You've got proof.

You've got my signature
on these order forms...

and that's all that you'll need.
So, that's it.
Unless, of course,
you'd like us to stay around.

-See if maybe someone doesn't....
-Go ahead.

I've got my tit in the wringer
on these books.

I can't tell the goddamn owls
from the chickens.

Fourteen and eight.
Fourteen and eight.