Play Misty for Me

We're next door to magnificent Monterey,
home of the annual jazz festival.

Although it's four months away,
you got to get your tickets...

...because they're going fast
and it can't last.

The time is 7:54
and there's a breeze of 50 degrees...

...around your loving hips,
and there's a taste of fog.

I say we got a bowl of soul,
and if you think your heart can take it...

...come fly higher with The Heavy!
Now we're gonna wrap it up
for the week, folks.

A brand-new release from the funk capital
of the world, Squeeze Me.

Here he comes, the big "D" himself,
Dave Garver.

And Dave is gonna bring you
five hours of mellow groove.

In the meantime,
this is Sweet Al Monte saying:

"Hang in there, babies, because everything
is going to be everything."

What's that letter you got there?
Is that that Frisco gig?

All right, so what's happening?
They want the usual thing:
A biography, pictures.

Really? Is that that Madge Brenner chick?
Yeah, she's the one putting it together.
In that case, David, you're in.
How do you figure that?
Now, David, come on, man.
Are you kidding?

She's a grandmother.
So when did that ever stop you?
You better get a move on.
I already played your theme.

Yeah, I heard it.
You're a real human being.

And you're on the air, baby.
All right.
"Men have destroyed the roads of wonder
"And their cities squat like black toads
"In the orchards of life
nothing is clean or real

"Or as a girl, naked to love
or be a man with"

This is Dave Garver with a little verse,
a little talk...