Play Misty for Me

- And at 3:00 a.m.
- Come on, Jay Jay. He's exaggerating.

I'll check with Malcolm.
Maybe I can get you the afternoon off.

What happened, pussycat?
He ran into Anjelica.
She told him I was back.

That bitch should be hung by the thumbs
or something equally appropriate.

It's all set up.
Let's go.
It's nothing personal, really.
I happen to think
she could be a first-rate artist...

...if her damned hormones
didn't get in the way.

- There's not much he can do about that.
- He could kill himself.

Jay Jay,
why don't you go cruise some sailors?

Please, don't mention seafood.
Come on.
I really missed this place.
I missed you.
You'd do me a big favor
if you didn't say things like that.

Why is that?
I don't know.
Somehow it brings out the worst in me.

It makes me want to say things like,
"How's that redhead?"

The redhead,
the one who worked in the bookstore.

She went back to Berkeley or whatever.
That's too bad.
You always have that blonde
from Santa Barbara to fall back on.

If that's the phrase I'm looking for,
and I think it probably is.

What are we gonna do?
Go through a whole list? Is that it?

Who's got that kind of time?
I just don't know if I'm up to it anymore.
Up to what?
Those nights sitting and waiting for you
to finish your program and come by.

Nights when it would start to get late...
...and I'd start to think:
"I wonder if he's run himself off a cliff
or maybe he's run into a blonde."

There was a time
when I started rooting for the accident.

I mean, if it was a choice
between that and a blonde.

You don't know
how secure you make me feel.