Play Misty for Me

All right, break it up in here.
Looks like old times around this place.
Lose something, tiger?
You couldn't find it within your heart
to come back at a later time, could you?

This is a later time, pussycat.
I'm paying you back
for the day I blew last week.

Very funny, Birdie. Very funny.
What I can't figure out is,
with all this action going on in here...

...what are you doing
out there couching it?

What is this, some kind of Kinsey Report?
Do I come over to your house
and ask a lot of dumb questions?

You just ought to, pussycat.
Might open up
a whole new way of life to you.

Hold it.
Let's try to show a little class, shall we?
Mr. Garver's residence.
I'll see.
Do you want to talk to a Madge Brenner?
Yeah. I want to talk to her.
Thanks. Hello.
Hello, Mr. Garver? Madge Brenner.
We like the tape on your show.
Like it very much.

There are one or two others in the running,
but, frankly...

Can we have lunch today?
- Windjammer still good?
- Yeah, still very good.

Reserve a table in your name.
- See you then, Mr. Garver.
- Great. Bye-bye.

Looks like we found Evelyn.
"Good morning, darling. Gone shopping.
"Back in a flash with the hash."
A little humor in there.
"Love and kisses, Evelyn."
And then it says:
"If you can't find your keys, don't worry.
"I borrowed your car."