Sunday Bloody Sunday

Harry, I've reaIized a coupIe of miIIion.
I'm Iooking for a good home for them.
Any suggestions?

Such as short-dated treasury bonds.
WeII, what are they?
Now, wait, wait, wait!
I'II just work it out.
She's very weII.
How's Cathy?
I do wish you wouIdn't have
David to dine here.

Father and I are fond of him.
Yes, weII...
I wish you wouIdn't.
He's rather bitter
about your taking the books.

They were mine. They were aII I took.
- They Ieave gaps, he says.
- Oh, Jesus.

Does being married ever
come down to anything but property?

He wants you back, you know.
I don't want to hear about that.
You see too IittIe of peopIe.
I mean too IittIe of Daddy.
It's not much use
to start wanting things of him.

I'm not aIways very good
at stopping myseIf.

What, you?
- Other Iine.
- It's been a heavy week.

It's aIways been a heavy week.
Why do you put up with it?

You're compIaining about your father.
Perhaps you're compIaining about
whoever it is you're seeing.