The French Connection

Strictly small potatoes.
You sure can pick 'em, Doyle.

Still wearing your gun on your ankle?
Someone told me the reason
why you do that is

when you meet a chick
and you rub up against her,

she can't tell you're a cop.
I said it's bullshit. It's gotta be
a fast-draw gimmick or somethin'.

Bill, why don't you knock it off, huh?
He's gettin' too far ahead.
You're gonna lose him.
For Christ's sake, move the car!
What the hell is goin' on here?
Klein, this is Cloudy. Do you read me?
Come in, for Christ's sakes!
This is Cloudy. Do you read me?
Listen, we lost him on the bridge.

Right. I got him.
He's headin' north on East River Drive.