Valdez Is Coming

- Somebody.
- You had luck with you that time.

- Friends?
- Sure. Like you and me.

We talk a while,
we have a drink of whiskey.

What you think about that?
I think I see many guns.
You come up here to talk
and you bring all those guns.

This little thing? It's for rabbits.
That's what you come here for,
to hunt rabbits?

No, I come to ask you
to do something for me.

- Because we're friends?
- That's right.

I want you to go see SeƱor Tanner
and tell him Valdez is coming.

I think somebody else go.
Listen. I've been here all day.
There's no somebody else.

There is just you in front of me. That's all.
You sure of that? You bet your life on it?
- Or yours.
- No.

What kind of talk is that with two friends?
You want me to tell something
to Mr Tanner? All right, I'll go.

Put the rabbit gun down.
You wait here. I'll go tell Mr Tanner
what you say, then I tell you what he say.

I be here.
Don't move.