Vanishing Point

On the other hand,
some other traits, such as fertility,

calf survival rate, bull inheritability,
heterosis or hybrid vigour may be
an important factor in these latter traits.

To cross even genetic unlikes
produces heterosis, for less crossbreeding.

So, just a few views of what's to come,
and what will be seen in crossbreeding,
from the day's farm report.

- Ten seconds, Super.
- (* "Super Soul Theme" by the JB Pickers)

You got it.
Ah! Good morning, folks!
This is yours truly, Super, Super Soul!
Direct and live with no net, early people.
Without a net!

Transmittin' from KOW, spelt K-O-W,
uh-huh, the noisiest, bounciest,
fanciest radio station in the Far West!

Now, let's cheer up the mornin' with some
wham, bam, zoom, boom, wake-up music,

with a little help from my friend!
Now take it away, amigo! Hey, hit it!
All right! Hubba, hubba!
(* "Got it Together" by Bobby Doyle)
Takin' me on home!
We got a long way to go today, baby!
* I just got a feelin' like my life was new
* And this is my first day
* She said she loved me, but she started
to show me in a personal kind of way

- * Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
- * Oh, oh, yes

- * Ooh-ooh-ooh
- * Oh, now

- * The girl has got it together
- * Got it, got it together

Hey. Pull over.
- * The girl done got it together for me
- * Got it, got it together

* And that's how it's gonna stay
- * Let me say the girl has got it together
- * Got it, got it together

- * I said the girl got it together
- * Got it, got it together