Buck and the Preacher

Listen to me, you hear?
You people from Louisiana,
ain't ya?

There's plenty of good work for ya
back there...

choppin' cotton, cuttin' cane.
Good jobs with people who know you.
You was born there.
You was raised there.

You don't belong out here.
You couldn't last the winter.

You ain't got no place to live.
No farm tools, no sheep.
So you're gonna turn around
and go home.

Hey, you.
Come here.
Where's Buck?
I'm looking for your wagonmaster
name of Buck.

No Buck here.
Don't know nobody named Buck.
He's the one that brought you here.
So where'd he go? Where'd you hire him,
and where's he stayin'?

He had a name something else.
Ain't no Buck!
Where is Buck?