Buck and the Preacher

Where'd you get that horse?
That animal was delivered to me
in the wilderness.

Where's the man who rode that horse?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?

A man cometh
and a man goeth.

In this trackless wilderness,
who shall know but the Lord?

Don't play with me.
There's nobody back there,
Uncle Beau.

Where's Buck?
- Is his name Buck?
- Where is he?

I'm lookin' for that miserable...
no good, lowdown sinner myself.
When I find him, I'll smite him
hip and thigh.

- How come you got his horse?
- On account he stole mine.

And left me out there to perish.
He's lyin'.
As God is my judge!
I swear on this Bible!

What you doin' out here?
Just wanderin' as the Lord wills,
spreadin' the word of the gospel.

I'm doin' like you gentlemen.
I'm just fightin' sin.

Hear me.
We want this Buck.
We want him bad.

You see him,
you tell us where he is...

there's $500 for you.
You remember that?
Five hundred dollars.
That's easy to remember.
I don't suppose for that kind of money
you particular whether he dead or alive.

And if in my search for this sinner,
I finds him...

where do I finds you gentlemen?
Copper Springs.
Ask for Deshay.

Mr. Deshay.
So you a wanderin' preacher
ministering to your people out here?