Buck and the Preacher

And if you'll permit me...
after a bit of supper...
I would like to offer a prayer
for your safe guidance here...

beneath the wonders
of God's creation.

How'd you find me?
I asked your horse.
It's all right.
It ain't nothin'

- What's on your mind?
- My horse, amongst other things.

You get your horse.
What are you doin' 'round here?

Spreading the sweet word
of the gospel.

You a preacher?
The Reverend Willis Oakes Rutherford...
of the high and low order
of the Holiness Persuasion Church.

You can take supper here.
That'll square for the rabbit.

You can rest a while,
and then you move on.

Fifty, 60, 70, 80, 90.
Four hundred, 410, 420.
Four mules,
a litter of pigs.

Right on the barrelhead,
fair and square.

That's right.