Buck and the Preacher

You ain't got no supplies, no food.
You can't make it
through the winter.

Then we dies in the snow.
No, you ain't gonna die in the snow.
- The old man said we're goin' on?
- Yeah.

Then we're goin'.
But you know we ain't got the money
to pay what we owe you.

Don't matter.
You paid for safe passage
through the Indian land.

You'll cross north of the salt wales.
You only got five days to pass.
I'll find you somewhere
north of the Pecos.

Ain't nothin' left here for you,

You can come or go.
It don't matter.

You ever hear of Copper Springs?
Ten riders, boss named Deshay.

How you know?
They catched me with your horse
in a stop called Frenchman's Ford.

They asked a lot of mean questions.
Now I know why.

Copper Springs?
I heard 'em say
they holes up there.

And I remember
every one of them faces.