Buck and the Preacher

- Deshay, hold up a minute.
- Ollie, how are things?

I wanna talk to you.
Floyd, get me a bourbon.
You ran into a couple of wagon trains
out yonder.

We just had a little talk
is all.

You listen to me, Deshay.
Nobody's gonna be gunned downed,
whipped or burned out in this town...

as long as I have a say so.
That goes for the coloreds
as well as anyone else.

Ollie, I just rode in to pick up my mail
and spend a little time at Esther's.

Never mind. I'm tellin' ya.
Those folks can come and go
as they like. That's the law.

Sheriff, you got an official complaint
against me and my boys?

We are bona fide labor recruiters...
employed by the
Delta Planters Association in Louisiana.

There's a whole way of life back there
goin' down the drain.

We don't intend to see it
frittered away.

I don't care who you're workin' for.
This ain't Louisiana.

You walk soft in my town.