Columbo: Short Fuse

(Roger) Lieutenant.
You have not answered her question.
Now, will you tell her the truth?

Miss Bishop,
the lieutenant is from homicide

and, obviously, he is under the impression
that the accident was caused
by an exploding cigar.

- What?
- You see, Lieutenant,

Miss Bishop got
the box of cigars from here.

I saw her. And she put them
over there on the suitcase.

Yeah. Here. Try one yourself.
Wow. Never saw cigars
quite like this before.

- Are all the boxes the same?
- Don't you tell customs.

- They're from Cuba. A dollar a pop.
- Wait a minute.

Are you saying that something
was wrong with a cigar box?

Of course not.
The lieutenant is just simply wrong.

You see, if there was an explosive
in that car,

it would have to have been placed
somewhere else.

No. No, I'm afraid not.
No. On the way here,
I bumped into a nice old fellow

that works in your service station, Ferguson.
And he cleaned that car before they left.
He said there was nothing else in that car
except a suitcase,
a coat and a box of cigars.

And the old boy who carried
everything down, he said the same thing.

All right, then. Then the explosive
must have been in the cigar box.

Yeah, I'll grant you that.
And if somebody tampered with it
or switched it,

that would have
to have happened here, right?

OK. Miss Bishop, will you tell me,
how long did DL's suitcase sit there
in the middle of this floor

with people coming and going?
20, 30 minutes.
You were here then, weren't you?
Didn't I hear you say you were here?

- Yeah.
- No, no, no.

Now, Mr Stanford did not touch it.