Dracula A.D. 1972

Peace, man.
Eight minutes.
The fuzz was there in four and a half.

We'd have got busted
if we listened to you.

- Why not?
- Or were you?

You mean you wanted to get us lumbered?
- I thought you were looking for kicks.
- Outside. We are outside.

Listen, man, are you taking me for a twit?
It was a tired scene, Joe.
- Okay?
- What's that supposed to...

Where are all the new experiences?
The new happenings, then?

Okay, Johnny. Where?
Something new, yet as old as time.
I wonder.

- Great. Can I have a Coke?
- Sure, darling.

I wonder whether
you're ready for it, my angels.

- Ready for what?
- What are you talking about?

Something way, way out.
Tell us!
Come on, Johnny.
A date...
with the Devil.
A bacchanal with Beelzebub.
But it sounds wild.