Dracula A.D. 1972

You saw Joe turn it on.
Yeah, it could have been the way he said.
No. I'm not convinced.
You're about the most gullible bunch
I ever set my eyes on.

You left your clothes behind.
I can't believe it.

You really thought
I was spooking up old Beelzebub?

Wait till Laura hears about it.
Right. I'm going for a drink.
- I'll settle the bill.
- Do I owe you for that?

- No. It's on me, Joe.
- Thanks, mate.

See you, baby. Tata.
Okay, so I'm forgiven.
Look, I had some really rough nightmares
because of you.

In Technicolor?
You ought to lay off that stuff.

Okay, so I'm sorry. Am I forgiven, Jess?
Look, just to show I'm sorry,
I've got two tickets...

for the Jazz Spectacular at the Albert Hall.
You can't buy them for love nor money.
They're like gold dust.

Lucky bitch.
I'd sell my soul to get my hands on those.

No one has to sell their souls. Not just yet.
How about it, Jess? Open invitation.
Drop it, Johnny.
I'm taking Jess to the pictures.

That's how we're playing it tonight, mate.
See you.
- Okay, angel, you can come.
- Wow.

Happened sometime last night.
Cause of death?
Difficult to say without a postmortem...
but the whole body's
been shockingly mutilated.

Work of a maniac, I'd say.
Must have gone completely berserk.

Sexually assaulted?
Until I've made a proper examination,
that's anyone's guess.

It seems as if someone's tried
to drain the whole body of blood.

It's a grim setting. Body mightn't have
been discovered for weeks.

Crude attempt to bury it.