Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask

in the cupboard or in the commode?
In the top shelf,
in the cupboard.

In of above.
Bimini is a free port
and we obtained a magnificent price.

Are from Bimini, from the Bahamas.
Beautiful: truth?
- Yes.
- Look at the details.

- very interesting.
- I would like that his husband saw them.

thief! Steal purses!
I help!
- We Will send someone.
what happened?

do they know? I wonder why
Sam is late so much.

do they forgive me a second?
- Skylight.

- ? one finds good, lady?
- it is not at all.

Is only another crime in the street.
Is something that every day happen,
and now it finishes of happening to me.

- Is very lucky.
lucky? I do not know it.

- Certainly, could have been worse.
- It has the whole reason.

did it have valuable articles in his purse?
- I do not believe it.

Probably wonder
why I put myself on this.

Have a cold: do they know? I
do not fit myself.

The young people of today.
Is she sure that it is well?

what can do one? She
is the society in whom we live.

is not alarmed.
Sam: what did you do?
You do caiste enter?