Joe Kidd

Two years ago, we start to
see about our land claims.

We go to the record office
in Santa Fe...

and ask the man for the copies
of our deeds and the titles.

You know what he say?
"We don't have records
like that anymore.

"There was a fire.
All the records
got burned up."

If you feel you have a
legal claim and can prove it...

We've heard all that!
We let you use our land,
but you wish to steal it all!

Look, mister,
whatever your name is...

I am Luis Chama.
So you're Chama?
I feel you're a lot more
trouble than you're worth.

But I'm still
gonna inform you,

you're committing a criminal offense
before a witness in a court of justice.

That is the word.
Later we will have much
time to talk about it.

What are you staring at?
I just want to make sure I remember
your face when you come to trial.

I want to show you something.
Anglos claim
they own all the land now.

Big cattle
and timber companies.

One day,
one day there was a fire.

! Que viva!
Pon el juez en la carreta.
Stay where you are!
He's going with us.

Talk to him about the law
and the land rights.

What do you want him for?
Take Mitchell.

Mitchell's an expert
on rights.