Junior Bonner

I slept outside.
Lend me $15, Red.
You already owe me 25.
Well, that's 40.
You got change?
Well, now, I'll get it.
Hey, come around tonight,
and I'll win that back from you.

Hey, yeah, why don't you
stick around, J.R.?

Are you coming?
I tell you what we could do...
if y'all get your car
and everything...

All right.
See ya.
Big hearted, ain't he?
Yeah, Red.
Heart almost as big as yours.

Hey, York,
Buck Roan still around?

No, he went down to the palace.
Hey, J.R. Hello.
- Ben.
- Good to see you.

- Nice to see you.
- Welcome home, J.R.

Good to be home, Del.

First drink's on the house.
Well, that's a change,
isn't it?

Two beers.
Dos cervezas. Yes, ma'am.
Sure been a spell, J.R.
Por mi amigo. Tome mucho.
You betcha.
Hey, you girls.
Will you go home
and get your IDs?

Just go home and get legal,
will you, please?

You always say that, Del.
Yeah, the sweetest things.