Lady Sings the Blues

There you go.
Thank you.
We'd go straight to the top. I know.
I don't know about no straight to the top.
I'm just trying to get to a club downtown.
We all are.
Of course, you don't understand, see,
the way you get downtown is...

I mean, you know, the way you do that
is that you go out on the road...

and you build up your name
in the sticks, and then, blam!

You get snapped up by network radio,
who're always looking...

for someone big with the hicks
to sell them soap or something.

Yeah, then you come back
to New York...

and besides radio,
there's records, club dates downtown...

- you name it, Billie.
- Just like that, huh?

Well, it works that way sometimes.
You mean to tell me that I have to travel
all the way to East Jesus and back...

before I can get in some club downtown
less than five minutes away from here?

- Well...
- They full of shit, ain't they?

I just think it'd be fantastic
if you just came with us.

- How about that?
- I'm sorry, fellows.

I think your band
is gonna have to start without me.

I think your band
is gonna have to start without me.

I'll tell you what.
Piano Man's got my telephone number.

If you give it some second thoughts,
give us a call.

How you like my timestep, Reg?
I think we might have a part for you,
Miss Holiday...

but we'll have to see your legs.
You know the last time
I saw fields and farm animals...

I was hitching up north from Baltimore
to see my mama.

Leader, I am trying to follow a rule
called "food three times a day"...

but I sense we are dangerously behind.
Let me explain to you.
This is only Tuesday,
and I only feed on Friday.

Stop complaining, Oklahoma.
That's a horrible-looking thing.
You mean we have all this fun,
and we still get paid?

Well, about $12 a week,
to do with what you will.

$14? Would you take $8?
Fantastic. I'll take
whatever you give me.

I get the chance to travel.
I get a chance to do everything.

I sense we're in for a lot
of candy stores and a lot of jelly beans.

Can you imagine
someone liking to tour?

Yes, some fun, Billie.