Last House on the Left

Come on, Mari.
-l wish we had some grass.
-lt'd be nice to get stoned.

-You don't have any, do you, Mari?
-No! Of course not. Me?

Maybe we can get some
before the concert.

Yeah, the concert.
l wonder what it would be like
to make it with Bloodlust.

lt would just be really soft.
Like in a whole bunch of cotton.

You know what l mean?
-Soft and gentle.

-Give me a break!
-Really sensitive, not wild and gory. God!

You're too much, man. Cotton!
-lt's Bloodlust! They're crazy!
-Like cotton candy.

The leaves are beautiful.
Yep! They're really starting to change.
l guess winter's coming on.

l changed. l changed this winter.
-What do you mean, you changed?
-l mean, my breasts filled out.

Didn't you notice? Look.
-They were nothing last summer.
-l didn't know you last summer.

-l know. They have.

Come on. l feel like a woman
for the first time in my life.

Rodney Johnson!