Last House on the Left

...of a priest and two nuns.
Krug Stillo is reputed to have hooked
his own son on heroin...

:08:06 control the youngster's life.
The man is armed
and considered extremely dangerous.

The second escaped convictis identified
as Fred ''Weasel'' Podowski...

...who has a long police record
for child molesting, peeping Tom-ism...

...and assault with a deadly weapon.
The three men were accompanied
in their escape by an unknown woman...

...described only as young, strong,
and animal-like.

Police believe the four may still be
in the New York City area...

...but expect them to try to leave
the state within the next 48 hours.

Thanks. Sounds like good advice.
''l'm singin' in the rain''
-Hurry up! l want to take a bath, too.

Okay! What do you think
of your new clothes?

l handpicked them at Korvette's.
-Who is it?
-lt's J. Edgar Hoover.

-Any trouble?

-Where's Sadie?
-Taking a bath.

ls Junior back yet?
Yeah, and l'm here, too.
-Send him with my beer.
-You heard her.

Go to the icebox and get a beer.
There's a lady in there, man.

Here's your beer.
There he is. The man of the hour.
Thank you.