Last House on the Left

-lt's all right. We're not going to hurt you.
-You already hurt her!

What do you think you're doing!
No, Doc Collingwood,
still no word on Mari.

But we'll let you know just as soon
as we hear something.

Yes, sir.
l'm glad you got your phone fixed.
You just stick right by that phone
'cause she might call.

-I'm holding you personally responsible.
-Yes, sir.

-Call me if anything comes up.


Hot damn,
l wish l was something else sometimes.

You mean, like a duck or something?
No, you damn fool! l mean something else
besides being a policeman.

Doc Collingwood again?
l bet she shacked up
with Wilbur Cranshaw.

That shows what you know.
Wilbur's gone up to Coopersburg
with Sweet Lily.

-Who the hell is Sweet Lily?
-lt's his pig. He went up to Coopersburg.

He's gonna enter her in some fair up there.
Wilbur always was a little strange.
l remember he left town real sudden
once before.

Just before his collie came down
with a litter of pups.

l'm going up to the car...
:31:36 see if l can find something
to cut some firewood with.

You know. Heat things up a little bit.
You can handle things while l'm gone,
can't you?