Last House on the Left

lt's okay, we've got plenty of room.
Why, we have a perfectly good guest room.
And there's Mari's room, l suppose.

Are you sure
we're not a bother to you folks?

Nonsense! Our home is yours.
Let me get your bags.

No! Jun-- Frank, here, is...
...younger. He can handle it.
Why don't l show you to your rooms?
Come on.

Here, and through there. Okay?
l'll put some towels in the bathroom
for you, and you can wash up if you like.

-Bacon and eggs in the morning?
-Thank you. Marvelous.

Well, we'll be in the living room,
and you can join us if you like.

-Just make yourselves comfortable.
-Much obliged.

Come on!
Very nice.
The lady of the house is nice, too.
-Krug. l want my fix, man.
-Go jump!


Look at this.
Guess who lives here?
l wonder what the odds are on that.
Feel like playing ''Three-Thirds of a Ghost''
or something?

How would you like me to put
my boot up your ass sideways?

l'm sorry l don't have anything better
to offer you, but....