Milano calibro 9

I'm not wasting my first taste
of freedom with you, Rocco.

Looking for a car?
I'll give you a lift.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- Then that's where I'll take you.

Get in, on my right.
You thief!
Sit at the right hand of God Almighty.

Nicola, Pasquale... this is Ugo.
Ugo Piazza.
He used to work with us
and he liked it.

You guys like it too, right?
Didn't you like it, Ugo?
You liked it, you liked it!

He liked it!
But he wanted more.
Right, Ugo?

You know, guys...
he stole 300,000 dollars from
Americans... during a handover.

A briefcase full of money.
Then you know what he did?
Messed up a robbery!
He got caught
before we got to him.

His plan was perfect!
He got four years.
Then good conduct and a pardon...
and here he is.

Thief, all right...
He got good conduct
and got an early release.

I didn't take that money.
Are you taking me for a fool?
You were the last runner.
The money was there
then it was gone.

Did it fly away?
Money can't fly!
30,000 ten dollar bills
can't fly away!