Milano calibro 9

Do you know what it would look like?
A giant money cloud!
Rocco, you had them
beat me in prison too.

I didn't take that money
and don't know who did!

You did! You took it!
Everyone else is dead,
it had to be you.

And where were you going now?
Off on my own.
To get your money, thief!

You did a good job hiding it.
Three years is a long time.
I hope the rats didn't get to it.
Good job hiding it.
What do you want, Rocco?
The Americano wants you.
He wants his 300,000 dollars.
You got arrested the same day,
you can't have spent it.

He wants it right now.
If you'd given it back
before the trial, he'd forgive you.

Well, not forgive.
He'd split your head open,

break an arm, castrate you...
You know what he's like.

I know what he's like
and he knows what happened.

So what do I tell The Americano?
That I won't see him,
I have nothing to say.

Ugo... there's no way out.
No way out!
The day you go get the money,
we'll be there.

The day you buy anything,
we'll be there.

If you try and leave Milan,
we'll kill you!

As soon as you set foot on a plane!