Milano calibro 9

They're in bad shape, the state
is taking revenge on the inmates.

For example,
this talk about pardons...

Too many of them!
These crooks know what they're doing.

Only in a country like this
do they forgive so easily.

Pardons incite crimes!
Tell the truth, Piazza.
Were you thinking about a pardon
during the robbery?

No, about not getting caught.
Or how much time you'd get
and how much you'd serve?

You only worry about pardons
once you're in.

What about the new law?
We can't interrogate anymore,
just collect evidence.

The magistrate does the interrogating.
It's a new policy, it will work.
Sure, it depends on the judge.
What do magistrates know
about people like him?

What will he ask him?
I know him in and out.
How he steals and smokes,
if he's smart or stupid.

What he wants, how to twist him...
People like you
don't mess up robberies.

And rumours started
the day you got arrested.

I'd have kicked you out that day.
The Americano's men were after you.
But I can help you out.
All I want is a temporary I.D.
If only they'd got you...
one less criminal.

And I would have got your murderer.
I'll be glad if they kill you.
And even more glad
if I get your murderer.

Do you need any money?
I got 30,000 liras in my shoe.
- They didn't look there?
- No, they didn't.

I know about The Americano's
missing 300,000 dollars.

We'd close down
if it weren't for informers.

- What do you mean?
- Don't play stupid.

You'll pull that money out
sooner or later.

Let's make a deal.