Milano calibro 9

Neither have you.
We're not who we were 10 years ago.
Why have you come?
I'm in trouble.
Have you heard?

I've only heard the rumours.
But I don't pay much attention.
Do you believe it?
What does it matter?
I didn't take that money.
So what?
All right.
What do you want?
What do you think
about The Americano?

I know he's an ugly beast.
I've never worked for him.
He's powerful and dangerous.

With influential friends up high
and ruthless friends down low.

Don't get on his bad side.
He's clean too.
Never been in the slammer.

That means he's hand-in-hand with
police, creditors and magistrates.

He's been a boss for 20 years.
He's very dangerous.
I know.
with you at my side...

What do you want, protection?
I'm powerless against The Americano.
Do you need a place to hide?
Sorry, but I'm not getting involved,
it's against the rules.