Milano calibro 9

He hasn't asked about you yet today.
But if he does,
I can't say you're not here.

You're rich.
You owe me 100,000 liras.
You're Rocco, right?
If you knew I was Rocco,
you wouldn't have done that!

When a friend asks for money,
I give it to him.

You can't walk in my house like that.
My name is Chino.
Okay, Chino.
You're right.

- Let's go.
- I didn't say you could leave.

Just like I didn't say
you could come in.

Give him the money, Rocco.
Now you're asking too much, Chino.
You can talk about that outside.
The Americano won't like this.
Fuck The Americano.
Put it back where it was.