Milano calibro 9

It's for me.
- Did your friend get in?
- Yes, and he left again.

Now make sure it's all there.
It was all there.
Fran├žois Durremat.
39, from Lugano.

Alfredo Bertolon.
22, from Pieve Veneto.

Are you happy?
We finally found crooks
from the North!

This Bertolon has a clean record.
Right, he's clean.
But he's been stopped three times
for student protesting.

Three times, he's an anarchist.
Everyone's an anarchist to you
since those students beat you up.

Look at the picture.
We know this guy!
Right, it's Pasquale.
The Americano's hitman.

Imagine tonight's headlines...
We could arrest Pasquale.
And fill the jail with those scumbags.
The Americano has
at least 200 runners.

Some don't know what they carry,
others know and get killed.

Or they're killed because
they think we've identified them.

Like Bertolon.
Why don't we act
on a larger scale?

Come on!
Where do I get the men?

You're new
but you know our team.

Let's get the ones
who evict people.

And who beat up students and workers.
There are enough officers for that.
Stop being a subversive!
People have had enough
of strikes and occupations!