Milano calibro 9

You may be right or wrong,
I don't know.

But this isn't reality.
You're from the country
where people steal chickens.

We're fighting The Americano,
people with a lot of balls.

Nice speeches don't work,
he can do me in.

All you've done is blow smoke.
This isn't stuff to talk about
at a police station!

The Americano is causing a stir.
Bombs in broad daylight.

He used to be more subtle.
Now he's got a lot of men.
The more he has,
the less they control themselves.

He should know that.
He's obviously very busy.
Listen up, Ugo.
Stay away from them, it won't last.

Do you know what The Americano said?
He wants an apology from you.
I'm not apologising for anything.
I used to respect him
but now he's out of control.

Soon they'll be opening
an Anti-Mafia squad in Milan too.

Anti-Mafia in Milan?
- What's the Mafia got to do with it?
- Nothing.

It's not them in other places either.
They call it the Mafia,
but they're just gangs anymore.
Gangs fighting each other.
The real Mafia doesn't exist anymore.
When drug dealers want
to invest their earnings,

they build apartment blocks.
So the construction gangs kill them.
Where's the Mafia in that?
The real Mafia is gone.
Do you realize
you're at a dead end?

Your job is dangerous.
The police know everything.
Why don't you just leave?