Pink Flamingos

Hello, moviegoers.
This is Mr. Jag...

speaking to you
for Dreamland Studios.

This beautiful mobile home
you see before you...

is the current hideout of
the notorious beauty Divine...

the filthiest person alive.
Because of this cover story...
in one of your sleazier
national tabloids...

she has been forced
to go underground...

disguising her appearance...
and adopting the alias
of Babs Johnson.

With her live her trusted
traveling companion Cotton...

her delinquent son Crackers...
and her mentally ill mother
Miss Edie.

Let's take a peek inside.
lt's 10:30.
Babs, Babs.
Why isn't the eggman here?

l'm starving to death
for some eggs.

Please, Babs,
come in and give me some eggs.

l'm coming, Mama. l'm coming.
You can hold on.
Cotton, Cotton.
Babs won't give me my eggs.
Cotton, please come in here
and give me my eggs.

Be in in a minute, Edie.
Don't you worry.

l'll fry you up some, honey.
Good morning, Mama.
l bet you're hungry.