Play It Again, Sam

You know who's not insecure?

That's not real life.
You set too high a standard.

If you're gonna identify,
who am I gonna pick? My rabbi?

- Bogart's a perfect image.
- You don't need to, you're you.

I know that you can't believe that.
Anyway, onward to Jennifer.
Allan, I won't deny it.
I'm a nymphomaniac.

I discovered sex very early.
I slept with everybody.

My schoolteacher,
my sister's husband,

the string section
of the New York Philharmonic.

I want to have sex all the time,
play all the time

otherwise you're just down,
and why be down?

The best way to get up is sex.
I'm not like my sisters.
They're so inhibited,
they never want to do anything.

I believe in having sex
as often, as freely

and as intensely as possible.
What do you take me for?
How did I misread those signs?
This stuff just knocks me out.
We're in a room that has some
of the highest achievements

- of Western civilisation.
- There's no girls.

Look at the Rouault. Look.
It's pretty.