Play It Again, Sam

She's a doll. I'd sell my mother
to the Arabs for her.

Why don't you ask her to dance?
I can't. I don't know her.
I can't stay long. I've gotta get up early
to play tennis with the guys.

You wanna dance?
We can't do those dances,
you have to be under 16 to look good.

I love you, miss, whoever you are.
I want to have your child.

- All right, get up and do it.
- No, I can't dance.

I'm scared. I had measles as a child,
my body won't function.

Come on, go.
Now, start dancing. You ready?
Keep count. And it's one, two...

One, two.
Right. Go ahead, say something to her.
One, two...
Try something more meaningful.
Three, four...
Speak to her.
Are you interested in dancing?
Get lost, creep.
- What did she say?
- She'd rather not.

Even if we buy two more lots,
we'll have to wait.

- It's cheaper to hold on to them.
- The price will move.

It'll require using
our current holdings as collateral.